Winter speaks!

I have to interrupt all the Mali stories and pictures to mention the most wintry of weather that we’ve had so far this year (at least while I’ve been home!) They predicted all sorts of nastiness – I think we got about half of what was predicted, thank goodness, and that was still bad/beautiful enough.

Ice with a layering of snow. It is absolutely gorgeous! But I feel for the poor trees and animals. Lots of limbs have been cracking off and so many are drooping with the burden of the ice covering. The deer and squirrels have been all over the yard, crunching through the ice crust (well, not the squirrels as they sort of just skip along the top of it), but the eating options are pretty scarce.

Every breeze sends the branches clacking and clicking. The sun is shining forth for all it’s worth, but there isn’t much heat in it to help defrost the ice – and temps in the teens aren’t helping either.

Our electric was out for more than four hours yesterday – enough to get the fireplace burning and the candles out, but everything was in fine order well before we went to bed. It is pure luxury to be able to admire the scenery from the comfort and warmth of the house….

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