BOV Day 1

A great Saturday here in the Dandelongs and Melbourne!  A lovely gentle rain started early in the morning, then the sky cleared to a perfect blue. It got quite warm and humid – good reason to have layers to remove!

Met with a super group of basketmakers at their cottage and stable in Wattle Park,  a local community park.  A fun bunch, they put up with my weird sense of basketry and plunged into experimenting with twining. All sorts of materials were pulled out and tried and some really cool shapes are in process. I plan to get pictures of the work tomorrow when we finish up the workshop. I’m excited for them!

We came home to the smell of fresh bread! Host Andrew is a superb bread baker – whole grain loaves as well as fruit ones that are perfect for breakfast. Just waiting on Sue’s lasagna to heat through and then – dinnertime!

Hostess Sue and I were sharing what we knew of various landscape artists from around the world: Chris Drury, Andy Goldsworthy, Patrick Dougherty. So many inspirational images and ideas bouncing around the brain right now!

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