End of the week doings

Today I actually followed a recipe. Two recipes, in fact! My family is getting together to celebrate Easter tomorrow afternoon. We typically do potluck, so I thought I’d try out a couple recipes recently sent from basket friends that sounded really good.

The potato salad uses new red potatoes baked with lots of rosemary and garlic and olive oil then tossed, when cool, with a mayo, lemon and parsley sauce. Figure I will do the tossing tomorrow just before the eating – will warm the potatoes up before mixing in the sauce.

The dessert is a meringue ‘pie’ filled with a lemony, eggy, whipped cream filling. Boy, licking the pan was a treat! Can’t wait to dig into it tomorrow.

The other day I was doing some mudcloth bandannas to use as journal cover cloth.mudcloth for journal This piece eventually acquired a black background. It is currently sitting with a bunch more and ‘curing’. Today, in between cooking for tomorrow, I fused more journal cloths.

A good friend visited last weekend and showed me her pen and ink sketches – and nudged a buried interest I’ve had in watercolors. I may have to dig my paints out and find a pen….

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