Finally, ORBS!

We did it!

ORBS is officially installed at the Indianapolis Art Center. And boy, does it look good!

And here is the first picture up to give you a taste of what we did: the “big guy” and little red squirt

We had a small crew today to finish up – Bonnie’s son Elliot and her students Andy and Cindy soldiered through the day doing the final installation work. Placing the rest of the orbs. Securing them all in place. Making sure none were missed. And then COUNTING all the orbs.

Final count seems to be 85! I’m a little hesitant on that but am pretty sure that number is correct. Depending on which direction you walk, it is easy to miss one or two along the way. Andy and I counted together and we think included all of them.

Kevin, the groundskeeper, will add some stakes to the orbs that are on the ground to keep them from blowing away. Other than that, everything is ready to be enjoyed.

And I’m ready to crash. A long, hot, sweaty, exhausting week – and so very satisfying.

Will get to the rest of the pictures on Monday. I promise!

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