ORBS again – oh, boy!

Gin, you are right that we really do need pictures up here soon! No digital cards slots in this ancient Dell that I’m using per gratis of the Art Center. Can’t complain too much – I’m delighted to be able to blog while we are here and working.

And work we did this afternoon!

A few more folks came out of the woodwork to help – probably had a dozen or more throughout the day. Elliot came with his climbing gear and with general holding of breath – mostly by his mom – he secured a smallish bright red orb in the crook of the walnut tree right next to a stainless steel cube sculpture. Dynamite! So cool to look through the orb and see the tree behind it.

Bonnie’s barbed wire baby found a wounderful nook of a tree where it almost fades away. One with copper wire is stuffed into the arms of a very leafy young tree so most people will probably miss it while the leaves are on. Five of my gut orbs are stacked between two tree trunks looking all the world like “Five Wrapped Eggs” 0r whatever that lovely book on Japanese wrapping is called.

A big silver orb is nestled in the corner of one of the timbered squares above the pavilion, very close to a wile silver tubey sculptural chair in the lawn – they complement each other. (I should really be finding out the names and artists of all these sculptures on the grounds!) Several other orbs of varying sizes have been secured into their respective trees and branches.


Oh, it is so exciting to see it in midair between the two trees, just hanging there! An amazing effort to get it there, for sure. Scaffolding, three ladders, nine 4 foot long cable ties, four holders-in-place people up on the scaffolding, two cable tie placers, three plank pushers, four ladder holders/spotters, three camera clickers, and a host of advice givers.

Bonnie and I will put up a few more orbs this evening – everyone else has headed off for showers and supper and probably a few rounds of serious drinks. We’ll hit that later; right now the thrill of seeing the installation take shape the way we had envisioned it has us forging ahead.

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