Good Things

Finished another book on tape: Little Scarlet by Walter Mosley. One of the Easy Rawlins mysteries, this one starts as the riots in Watts end. Good read with a very good reader, Michael Boatman.

The trip to Mali is growing! Actually, the trip is still the same; the number of people going with us has grown to 8. I’ll be getting into major list making and packing mode after the holidays – too much going on right now to think about it much. Besides, with all the kids coming home for Christmas, there won’t be any available space to make piles.

I am way more excited about having all three boys and their loves here for Christmas than about the trip. It is always such a joy to have them around. The boys have a wonderful way of “bouncing off each other” that I love – and miss from when they were growing up. And the girls fit right into the mix. They are all so comfortable with each other. Couldn’t be happier with this bunch!

So far, the “relative rotation” for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is working out. Sure hope it continues. I expect there will be a time when someone won’t be able to make it home for the appointed holiday – and they will be missed. For the moment, though, I’m going to enjoy the present of their presence.

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