I do too know how to read!

I actually read a book this week. One with covers and pages and printed words!

I’m saying this particularly for my second son who doesn’t believe I read anymore – that I just listen to books being read to me via audio books from the library. **

The book in question is really pretty good: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread, a novel by Don Robertson. Written from the perspective of a nine year old boy growing up in Cleveland, it details the events leading up to and during the natural gas explosion on the east side on October 20, 1944 in a really cool manner.  Another thing that is so cool is that I recognized a lot of the streets and places that are mentioned.

All packed and ready to wow them in TN with a week of mud cloth fun!

**I was just informed that second son really does know that I read books – my apologies! I obviously got the sons mixed up.

2 Replies to “I do too know how to read!”

  1. Now to really impress your son(s), read a book and listen to a second one… all at the SAME time! 😉

    I haven’t quite managed that yet but I am pretty good at reading and watching a movie at the same time. (Drives Maureen crazy…)

    On a different subject… Talking about reading reminds me to mention that there’s a new Dresden Files novel out there (Turncoat). I don’t remember if you liked that series or not but just in case you did, get in line for it at the library. It’s goooood!!! I’m discovering just how much I’d missed Dresden. My only problem right now is prying the book out of my fingers so I can go to bed!

    1. I haven’t read and watched a movie, but I do lots of handwork while watching TV – does that count?

      Oh, I love Dresden! Thanks for the heads up!

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