In the Mountains

(Just realized this did not get posted yesterday – internet problem!)


Usually when I think of being in the mountains, I think cool, chilly weather.  Well, the Grampians Mountain Range is not like the typical mountain, apparently.


It’s supposed to cool off in a day or two, and I must say that the evening is quite pleasant at the moment, but today was sure a sweaty one.

We (Anne, Jane and I) had a pleasant drive from Melbourne to Halls Gap. We made stops in Ballarat (museum with a really cool exhibit of student work) and Arrarat (Nalda Searles exhibit plus three good op shops).

Went through some locusts swarms, saw a helicopter spraying the fields to control the locusts – there was even a sign on the road warning of driving while visibility from locusts was poor.

Passed an airstrip with all the goats huddled under a huge tree – the grass mowers were keeping cool.

In Halls Gap I am sharing a cabin with an instructor from Adelaide and I have the bedroom with 2 bunks (4beds) – and barely space for anything else. One other US teacher here. My class space is in the Brambuk Cultural Center – great big space with outdoor access. All the spaces are spread out but walkable.

This evening the tutors (instructors) were officially welcomed and introduced, an art exhibit opened and dinner was served in the Kukuboro restaurant and pub. Sunday we’ll gather at the MoCo Gallery where there is a really cool exhibit of scrumbled tea cozies – who would’ve thought! – and natural dyed clothing.

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