Ready, set, go!

I think I am actually all packed!  Amazing – never been this finished before with so many hours left till take-off.  I decided to go with two checked bags once I read that Delta will grant a rebate for your second bag if your ticket was purchased before they made the announcement about charging for the second bag.  We’ll see if it comes through, but that will certainly save having to hoist one up into the luggage rack, assuming there will be room! The positive results of my trip to the chiropractor today will last a bit longer this way.

I’ve got some empty space, too, in the bags, so I think I should be okay coming home with the  leftovers from the classes. Now, to go and experience Tampa and the conference!

Took a walk this evening with my love. We seemed to be right on the edge of a rain cloud that didn’t really look like it would do anything, but we did feel a few drops as we walked. By the time we got home the road in front of our house was showing signs of heavy drops – and lots of them. It always seems so wonderfully awesome to be on the edge of the rain – to literally be able to see where it is raining and where it isn’t.

Stories of Tampa and Convergence coming the end of the month – if there’s time before leaving again!

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