Score one for me!

I need to give a big shout out to my friend Linda who shared a tip for keeping mice away: smelly dryer sheets! Apparently they don’t like the strong odor.

With high expectation and mild reservations, I draped dryer sheets along the edge of the tub where the mice seemed to be getting in. Then waited overnight…

Now, I have to be up front here. The dryer sheets I normally use are unscented ones – I don’t smell things very well and I know of folks who have trouble with heavy scents, so I just go without. In fact, I haven’t even used a dryer sheet in so long, I almost forgot they were there. When hubby reminded me of the non-scent variety that we have on hand, I rushed out to the local grocery in search of the worst smell I could find.

And the grocery has just “Spring Rain”, “Spring Flowers” and “Mountain Mist” on hand. Not even a regular scent. My heart sank as I tried to figure out which lovely outdoor smell would deter a mouse – it would likely love them all! In the end “Spring Flowers” won out. Fingers crossed it would be overpowering to a mouse.

When I saw two of the sheets on the deck floor peeking out from the tub cover skirting, I figured I had lost this skirmish. But NO! When the cover was raised, ever so carefully, not a mouse was in sight and no extra floating islands appeared!  Hurray!

Gonna give it a couple more days to see how effective the sheets stay. Hope to reclaim the hot tub for my own use by the weekend!

7 Replies to “Score one for me!”

  1. Sadly, I feel I cannot ship Wombats, due to the disastrous shipping costs. And if you think mice are destructive, wait til you see the damage a wombat can do…Like having a bulldozer in your backyard. Stick with the mice deterrent dryer papers.

  2. So glad the dryer sheets are working! The floating islands in your hot tub sound disgusting. We had mice in our basement a couple of years ago — revolting! Our dog Sam “caught” one that was stuck to a sticky trap and he was so proud of himself. He thought he was a great hunter! Good luck keeping them away.

  3. Linda – My apologies for giving Penny credit for the dryer sheet idea – hers was the last comment I remembered and I associated it with the tip. THANK YOU! I now have dryer sheets all through the basement, in the garage, in the tool shed, …. !

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