Snow day

It was a beautiful snow day here. (Beautiful as long  as you didn’t have to go out in it!)

I’ve been putting off getting some mudcloth work done… so I used the day to play with the mud.  A variety of silk scarves were waiting patiently, having been washed earlier, and became the canvasses for today.  Used some orange, black and a mix of the two for a nice brown.

black and brown mud on silk
black and brown mud on silk

Now to let them sit and ‘cure’.  These may become items for the Guild’s Fall Sale.

Penny, I haven’t forgotten your request for a larger view of the red scrumbled vest.  I’m in a mulling over stage on the vest – what I really need is to see it on someone other than me in the mirror to see how it is fitting.  I have a feeling it will need a bigger person to wear it well.

As the vest sits, I pulled out the large billum (string bag) that I started in PNG. The tummy muscles don’t mind my spinning and plying now so I’ve been making a bit of progress on that.  Little bit by little bit.

And, I finally got around to ‘patching’ the holes in a couple pairs of handknit socks.  One pair had their heels reknit and the other pair got a ‘sole’ of felt to cover over the holes.  We’ll see how well they each hold up.

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  1. Judy,

    Glad you are creating again. What a big UUGH about having to repair socks, but good news they were worn and kept feet warm.

    All the best good wishes.


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