Heat, mosquitoes, humidity, cicadas, sweat…. It’s a grand summer happening here!

Sitting in my skivvies as I type this – my office isn’t A/Ced. It’s sort of like a sauna without the cedar smell.

Must be rain somewhere, though. For about 5 minutes we had a luscious wind race through – lots of sound and fury and an accompanying coolness – and then it was gone and back to hot and humid. Some rumbles still in the distance, so maybe we will actually get some rain. Sure hope so!

I know it was crazy to do it in this heat, but yesterday I cooked up the banana trunks I brought home from the Branson Banana Bash last November. They had been retting all this time – the chunks that were still submerged looked great while the ones on top had a bit of mold and some larvae (fly, I think). Both bunches cooked up well and I bleached the top stuff to be sure I killed the mold.  Hope to make sheets next week.  I signed up to be part of the Papermaking group’s annual swatch swap – incentive to accomplish!

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