Tub Tuesday

The tub is here…the tub is here….the tub is here….!!!  (I’m not at all excited… see how calmly I am typing?)

Arrived this morning while the dew was still on the grass. The delivery guys used a spiffy, nifty double-ended steerable dolly to wheel it on its side to the backyard. Then, with a push and a shove and miscellaneous grunts all around it was in place on the platform that was ready for it.


My love spent the rest of the day hooking it up to the electricity, grounding it, measuring and digging two holes* for the front posts that will hold the people decking. We’ll be building a deck floor about 3 ft below the main house deck and about 3 feet above the tub platform. This will in effect make the tub sunken. Maybe 8 inches of the cover and tub lip will be above the deck.


One of my jobs has been to check out climbing plants to use on the privacy screen that will go on two sides of the tub deck. I’d love to have wisteria, but there is so much shade in the back that I think we might just transplant some Virginia Creeper from the woods.

We won’t fill it with water until there is enough of the people deck around it to know for sure that it won’t need to be moved any.


*In the process of digging those holes in the clay of our backyard, my love came across a lode of red and blue/grey clay! I’ve always said that there is red clay everywhere – his response was there must’ve been a car buried there, rusting away. Had to scoop some of it out of the pile before he dumped it elsewhere. Will officially have tub colors!

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